DIY Homemade Solar Panels

The first part of Survival Sanctuary covers what may be considered one of the most important off-grid projects.

These projects all deal with generating your own electricity.

One of those projects details a brilliant way to build a home solar system for very, very cheap ( once you see it you might say to yourself “Gee why didn’t I think of that?” ).

Besides batteries, solar panels are usually the most expensive components of most home solar energy systems.

Thankfully, solar panels are becoming more and more affordable as the demand for solar energy continues to rise. Also, new companies selling solar panels are popping up almost every day with competitive prices for people to choose from.

However, there are three major advantages that come with assembling your own solar panels:


1). You can make them at whatever size and wattage you need. Solar energy has become such a popular renewable energy method that companies selling solar panels very often go out of stock. They may even permanently discontinue a certain size or wattage solar panel that you may need for your home solar system. By putting together your own solar panels, you do not have to wait for a company to get certain sized solar panels back in stock. And you will not have to go without the size or wattage solar panels you need just because none of the companies have what you’re looking for.


2). You will be one of the very few people in this world with the knowledge and skills to build solar panels. You never know what the future may have in store and if there is ever a total or near total societal collapse, then purchasing solar panels will not be a possibility. By having the knowledge and the skills to build your own solar panels, you can essentially guarantee that you and your loved ones will have electricity even during a huge grid down situation or societal collapse. This knowledge alone greatly increases your self reliance. It’s one thing to purchase solar panels, it’s another thing to be able to make them yourself when purchasing them is not a possibility.


3). It is very fun to assemble your own solar panels. It actually gets easier with each solar panel that you make. And it is also quite comforting to know that you are more self reliant than most others because of your ability to build your own solar panels. This reason and the second reason listed above are absolutely PRICELESS! You simply cannot put a price tag on that. Even if purchasing solar panels from a retailer isn’t a problem for you, making your own solar panels is something I would recommend simply for the DIY experience, the knowledge that you will gain and to make you that much more self reliant. You never know if or when this knowledge may come in handy.


Thankfully, there is a gentleman who has learned THE insider’s secret for cheaply obtaining the individual components necessary to build His Own solar panels. And now you will be given the opportunity to learn his method and model his system so that you too can truly be Energy Independent!

What’s more is that you can not only completely eliminate your monthly electric bill by going solar, but you can make the electric companies PAY YOU for being Energy Independent. So you can be 100% Energy Independent and save $1,000’s of dollars while creating an extra source of income as well.


Interested in learning his method?


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