Renew Old Batteries

The first part of Survival Sanctuary covers what may be considered one of the most important off-grid projects.

The projects in this section all deal with generating your own electricity.

No matter which free energy project from Survival Sanctuary you choose to pursue, they all make use of batteries.

The most popular batteries that are used in home energy systems are Flooded Lead Acid Batteries, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, AGM, Gel and Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Batteries.

But these batteries can be quite expensive. In fact, they’re usually the most expensive part of home energy systems.

Well, you can drastically reduce the cost of purchasing and replacing the batteries in your home energy system by learning to recondition your batteries.

If you’re just starting out with, let’s say, solar energy, well instead of purchasing new batteries, you can either buy used batteries for dirt cheap or get them at no cost to you and renew them.

If you already have a solar system, you can simply recondition your batteries instead of replacing them with new ones.

This is exactly what the auto parts stores do with old batteries. When you buy a refurbished battery from an auto parts store, you are, in fact, buying a reconditioned battery that works like new.

Knowing how to recondition batteries yourself will save you HUNDREDS and, in some cases, THOUSANDS of dollars.

Would you prefer to spend insane amounts of money on new batteries or save money by reconditioning the batteries you already have?

If you prefer to save money by reconditioning batteries, then click below to learn how